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  • The first world of Michael Menion Carpenter
    The original world of fantasy that is embodied in art. 5 fantasy galleries are simply amazing. I like also the design of this web-site and articles about Tolkien.

  • "Kleine Hutte"
    Danielle Dega's Home Page. Danielle is a modern Russian painter, whose amazing works give joy with their colors and image riddles.

  • Satin Dreams Embroidery
    Dreams have a feature to be realized in different forms including such soft and pleasant as quilts =) My good friend Barbara Butler and her daughter Carla make really wonderful things, which are warmed with love and care. Please note - Barbara writes also admirable poems and her rich imagination inspires her to create moving pictures on the quilts. It is pleasant to see and touch!

  • Amy Brown Fairy Shirts
    Sometimes fairy stories may look so. I like these pictures on shirts very much.

  • Canadianculture.com
    Canada's #1 Networking Internet Directory, sharing ideas to make our country better.

  • "The Beach Poems" by Daniel Stafford
    This is a beautiful poetry book of my good friend Daniel Stafford. I like his poems very much because they give us light. It looks like vivid water-colour pictures!

  • Mitchell Waldman
    Mitchell is a writer whose stories and poems are always full of sense. They touch soul with compassion. I like his way of vivid description of each detail. If you also like it I'm sure you'll enjoy his novel "A Face In The Moon".

  • Peter (YukonMan)
    My friend is an excellent web-designer, a traveller and simply good friend. I am glad that I met him on the Net.

  • Philip G. Bell (Mindings)
    He is a talented English writer and a poet. I enjoy his poems and stories immensely. They always give your mind a real adventure. Philip also has the wonderful gift of encouragement.

  • Prism of Whisers by Leigh Marin
    This is one of my favorite places in the Net. I often visit this web-site to read beautiful poems, to enjoy wonderful music and magnificent design.